Custom made solutions for your online retail and social media management 🚀

We provide tools where you can connect payment solutions with your business data to learn AI algorithms for ultimate website  and social media experience.

We work with
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Easily manage your works.

Our cross platform analysis give you information that you can work with and easily make decisions.

Learn more about your payments

We integrate payment modules for you and collect datasets that are important for optimal revenue.

Quick messaging with clients.

The communication with your customer is essential. We know exactly when a customer needs assistance so you can help him at the right time.

Get in touch with us to see what possibilities you have to grow your revenue online!

Big, small, online, local or other. Size doesn't matter. We work on diverse projects for settled brands as well as for cool startups. 

Detailed results to take better actions.

We provide you with data that you understand, no difficult words you don't feel comfortable with. 

Easily communicate with clients using AI Timing

Our special communication platforms help to identify what the customer needs without needing to tell. In this way you are always a step ahead for maximum customer satisfaction.

Easy Pricing Plans

We offer pricing based on how long you want to work with us, no contracts no subscriptions just pay for when you need us. We also offer commission based payments, so no startup fees just a % when you make a sale.

Just started

$675 $75

  • Payment module solutions
  • Light data collection
  • Social media analysis
  • Support by email
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Best Choice

$ 1125 125

  • Everything in 'Just started' +
  • Depth data analysis
  • Cross platform analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Payment to communication service
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$ 2250 250

  • Everything in Professional +
  • Detailed company analysis
  • AI website design optimisation
  • Conversion checkpoints
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